Cantate 6011

Cantate 6011

model: 6011 Recliner

Cantate 6011 is a recliner with fantastic comfort. The recliner is soft and welcoming. It is, like all our furniture, made in our own factory in Denmark. The sturdy craftmanship gives you, besides an extraordinary robust chair, the joy of sitting well.

The design is classic and timeless, yet very eye catching. The elegant fingerjoint are not something you see every day. It takes great craftmanship to make these – but we in Farstrup can.

with fingerjoints, oak or beech. Natural, oiled or stained

The armrests are made in molded wood. They give good support and a firm grip, when getting up from the chair. Armrests are also available with patting.

wide selection of leather and high quality fabrics



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